The facilities of Alimentos Cruz del Sur S.A. are located in the industrial park area of ​​A Tomada, A Pobra do Caramiñal, on a 10,500 m² lot, the constructed area occupies 4,000 m² with a refrigeration capacity of 30,000 m³.

Equipped with the greatest technological advances in cold storage, our company has a warehouse specially designed to preserve the cold chain and ensure the preservation of the products stored in each of its cold rooms or chambers, in order to guarantee their quality and food safety.

Thanks to advanced software, our clients have the peace of mind that the merchandise deposited in ALICRUSA is correctly identified, which guarantees its perfect traceability.

The construction has a large area for loading and unloading of goods from any type of vehicle.

In its upper level it houses the Administration department, with computerized offices that facilitate the supervision of merchandise distributed in the warehouse in real time.

  • – Temperature control.
  • – Traceability monitoring.
  • – Stock control.
  • – Quality Asuurance.



  • ♦  2 large cold rooms, bitemporal, with 3,500 slots each. 30,000 m³ of refrigeration capacity at temperatures of -20ºC. Flexible storage system. Mobile base sliding rack shelving.
  • ♦  190 reefer containers, Super Freezer and Magnum Plus, with cold ranges of -30º, -40º and up to -50ºC to preserve Sashimi quality merchandise. They can also store refrigerated merchandise such as different varieties of fruit, vegetables, etc …
  • ♦  Preparation room for picking / Sorting room of 800 m².
  • ♦  RF management of Cold Rooms. Identification and traceability.
  • ♦  Freezing tunnel.
  • ♦  4 loading and unloading docks, with machinery adapted to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.
  • ♦  Cost Evaluation Room.
  • ♦  Pallet and truck weighing scales.