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Suflenorsa was established in 1984 as a service centre for Spanish and Portuguese fleet. We first started out as a cargo pick-up and diesel oil supplier at the different fisheries in West Africa, Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Canada, The Maldives, The Seychelles, Argentina…. Bit by bit we started to grow within the fishing industry to become Sufenorsa Consignaciones, S.L in 1991, which allocates vessels and deals with all the needs of the fleet in the ports of Vigo and Marin.

Today, Suflenorsa Consignaciones is one of the most recognised and prestigious Maritime agencies in Europe. The work we do enables shipowners to save time at the different ports where they arrive, were they receiving professional and personalized attention. In 1995, in accordance with our expansion plans, we decided to set up Suflenorsa Aduanas S.L to complete the cycle of services we had been providing our customers with until that time.

Our most recent project came about in 2002, the year in which we set up Suflenorsa Transitarios. A department that was born by customer demand who, given the trust they had deposited in our other group businesses, where now asking us for logistic solutions to handle their goods. We offer amongst other things; air shipments, bulk loads, transportation by road, full load containers…

Through the years , we have gradually forged together a highly qualified group of staff to offer advice to our customers on those operations they wish to carry out , be it goods cargo or land or sea diesel oil top-up points, as well as the consignment of vessels, customs and freight-forwarding services anywhere in the world and specially so in the Port of Vigo.

All the departments (Supply, Chartering, Consignments, Customs and Freight-forwarding) that make up Suflenorsa are the key pillars to forming a solid and sound group, whose business strategy is to offer our customers solutions for each and every need.