Health and Nutrition

Fish has and has had great importance as food for man practically since the origin of humanity.

Due to its high protein content of high quality, its fat rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it is considered a valuable food and at the same time, a culinary delicacy.

However, most of the foods we consume in our diet are not always available in the way they are obtained from nature, but have been subjected to different processes with the intention of improving some of their characteristics, or in order to allow its conservation to improve its suitability for human consumption.

Freezing, if done correctly, is one of the food preservation methods that produces less loss in its nutrient content.

In the case of fish, due to the circumstances of its capture or production, its low stability as a fresh product and its seasonality, freezing is one of the most widely used preservation methods in the world and the one that least modifies its sensory properties and its nutritional value.